Before you head off, spend some time familiarizing yourself with the different steps involved.


Siting of a Borehole

There are two common techniques of siting in Zimbabwe, the Traditional Method and the Geological survey Method.

The traditional method, or…

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Applying to ZINWA for permission to drill

Vortex offers to facilitate these applications for customers. ZINWA currently charge USD150.00 per permit irrespective of depth, with a quarterly charge…

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Selecting the right Drilling Company

Vortex offers an unprecedented service in Borehole drilling through most of Zimbabwe and has the ability to carry out contracts in most locations where rotary…

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Capacity Testing

An often overlooked step, Capacity testing is used to determine the maximum sustainable drawdown on the borehole and the dynamic stabilized water level too…

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Pump Installations

There are so many variables and ideas of what’s acceptable and what’s not in this field that it’s impossible to cover everything…

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Warrantees & Guarantees

Vortex warrantees all holes and all new installations from date of completion. This warrantee stands for one year and is against all workmanship by Vortex.

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