There are so many variables and ideas of what’s acceptable and what’s not in Pump Installations that it’s impossible to cover everything.

Only entertain reputable installers who offer good backup services, use good quality pumps and come with a good reputation as there are so many hit and run installers out there.

1. Discuss the installation at length with your chosen installer.
2. Show the installer the drilling report and capacity test.
3. Discuss and settle on the type of pump to be installed. Ask where it’s made.
4. Insist on proper submersible cabling down the hole.
5. Insist on a proper manhole and security cover. These help stop contamination and theft.
6. Make sure there are bleed valves on the pressure tank. These are very important.
7. Keep a record of the pump and motor reference numbers.
8. Ensure the pump is lowered to the correct depth.
9. Electrics must be handled by electricians only, especially in your house.
Most importantly, be there and find out where everything is laid and how the system works.